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The 7mm Scale Society is pleased to announce our first exclusive model. Through Minerva Model Railways, we have commissioned a limited run of their forthcoming N32 Coal Wagon in the livery of Stephenson Clark. These wagons were commonplace all over the British railway system and lasted well into the Second World War before being repainted as all PO wagons were pooled. Weathered examples of these wagons could be seen for many years afterwards. This livery is exclusive to full paid-up members of the Society, and must be ordered via Membership Secretary. Details on how to order can be found on the 7mm Scale Society Forum. Price is £62.50 with postage £5.50 per order. Members can order as many as they choose, but only a limited number will be made. Delivery is expected towards the end of 2023. The 7mm Scale Society is probably the best value for money organisation, £5 per annum gives access to the friendliest forum, with lots of information and help to all modellers. To join, email [email protected]

Kinchley Lane by Carlisle and District O Gauge Group.
Albannach by Stewart Ingram.
Bunny Mine (Narrow gauge) by David Rae.
Longmoor Sidings by Frank Dacey.
Glass House Loan by Craig Watson.
Why 'O' 'Y' by Peter Grant.