Renewing your membership


Membership of the Society runs for a calendar year from the date you first joined. However, for ease of administration we round this up to the end of month you joined.

You can check what this is by clicking on your avatar in any of your own forum posts or by clicking on your User Name at the top right in any forum page, then clicking on your name again in the dropdown menu that opens.

Your membership fee covers a period of 1 year, we do however allow a further 1 month grace period.

The payment methods are given in a Renewals thread in the 'News Desk' section of the forum.

Should you forget to renew we will send you a reminder by email after 12 months and then a PM during the grace period. Thereafter members who have not renewed may find their forum access denied. We will not remove any contributions you have made from the forum unless you ask us to do so and we will gladly welcome you back into our community on receipt of a further membership payment.

If you decide not to renew, we would be pleased to hear why, please PM or email Rick Williamson, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. [email protected]