The 7mm Scale Society

Formed in late 2020 the society functions mainly through its friendly online forum, though we have also held Open Forum sessions by video conferencing during the year and several members have hosted local running sessions on their home layouts.

Our membership includes a wide range of skill levels and ages, all are equally welcome to show what they are modelling on the forum and it is rare for any question raised there to go unanswered within a short time.

The society focusses on finescale modelling welcoming railway modellers in all 7mm scale gauges, countries, eras and prototypes: narrow, standard and broad gauge. We are also open to modellers of tramways, road vehicles, landscapes, buildings, structures, figures, people, boats and aircraft. Did we miss anything?

We class 7mm Scale railway modelling as being based on the wheel and rail standards in use by leading manufacturers, such as Slaters, Peco, Minerva, Dapol and Heljan in the UK, generally known as 'fine scale' standards. The scale ratios in use are between 1:43 (UK) - 1:48 (Continental).

The Society has a Constitution and a founding Committee whose members will serve for the first two years. We are committed to openness and transparency.

A financial statement detailing income and expenditure will be made available to members annually.

All money raised by or on behalf of the Society shall only be used to further the aims of the Society, as a not for profit organisation. Any funds accumulated over a 12-month period in excess of a working reserve will be donated to a railway charity chosen by the Committee and the membership.


Founding Committee

Chair: David Rae

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Rick Williamson

Secretary: James Snowdon